Why Brilliant Fox?

Brilliant Fox is a full service marketing and design agency based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We believe that everyone is entitled to great design, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving our clients the best work possible. And we always, always come through.

We bring the best of both worlds—the capacity and experience of a traditional agency with the drive and personal attention of entrepreneurs. More than that, we know how to listen—and we ask great questions. Our process ensures that we nail our clients’ objectives, and we pride ourselves on our fresh ideas and strategic approach.

Our hand-picked team has every key player without the fluff. And when you pick up the phone you’ll talk to the boss every time. We’re as creative as they come, and we’ve got skills to match. Our work? Well, it can speak for itself. 

Brilliant ideas. Brilliant design. It’s easy when you think like a Fox.



Katie is a talented designer with years of experience leading her team at Brilliant Fox. Her background working as part of advertising agencies and in-house marketing departments has helped her understand the nuances of each, and shaped her as an entrepreneur.

Katie’s style is marked by clean design and fresh ideas. She ensures each project is uniquely tailored to meet the clients’ goals and reach their target audience. The best part? Katie delights in creating an incredible client experience as much as creating brilliant designs.

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Matt brings a strong dose of strategy mixed with a deep understanding of storytelling to the Brilliant Fox team. His experience as a photographer and filmmaker, crafting campaigns across multiple mediums, have influenced his approach to marketing and provides our clients a unique skillset. 

Matt’s ability to see the big picture without missing the details gives him the necessary tools to craft strategic distribution methods for our clients, maximizing their ROI.


emILY | Art Director

No design team is complete without a talented illustrator, and Emily is our gal. She excels where others struggle, whether it be beautiful illustrations, hand lettering, icons or logos. These fine pieces of art make their way into our designs and bring life to the messaging. 

When Emily isn’t busy whipping up fun illustrations she also works as a designer, tweaking layouts, creating color palettes, and proofing designs for consistency. 



When it comes to layouts, Adrian keeps things in order. He’s not only meticulous in his design but his creativity is rooted with purpose. And with years of experience designing annual reports, promotional cards, brochures and web ads, he’s a much appreciated member of our team.

Adrian also works regularly with our social campaigns, translating our larger design layouts into smaller ads for a multitude of medias. 


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Ryan’s strong command of written language is only challenged by his equal ability to ask the right questions. His natural curiosity brings joy to the team and shines through in his writing. And his storytelling ability oozes with authenticity and heart. 

Whether crafting campaigns, writing copy for brochures, or ghostwriting articles, Ryan matches the tonality and style to the target audience and does so in a compelling way.